Digital Control Center For Second Shooter V1.5.0.2 [Current Release]

Release Date: November 30 ,2017

NOTE: DCC firmware for SS/SS+ and CineDrive are stand-alone, meaning you can install firmware on the DCC to work with either the SS/SS+ or with CineDrive. The firmware on this page is for use with SS/SS+



Release notes for Kessler DCC firmware

Compatible with SS and SS+

  • Firmware version now visible from Utilities menu

  • Fixed cruise control activated in record move playback

  • Fixed photo taken in 'goto' operation in Stop Motion
  • Fixed 'Wait' message doesn't change in Run Once



  1. Press the MENU button, then navigate to 7. (UTILITIES), select 1. (FIRMWARE) and press ENTER.  "READY..." will be shown.
  2. Connect the micro USB cable from the DCC to a laptop/computer. The DCC will show up as “DCC” on your laptop/computer.
  3. Download the latest firmware at There are several files within the zip file.
  4. Click and drag the file “DCC.img” to the USB device titled DCC. The DCC will show UPDATING... and then REBOOTING... The DCC will reboot.The DCC is now updated and ready to use.
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