HOW-TO: What is needed to do 2 and 3 axes moves with elektraDRIVE motion control?

If you are looking to do a 3 axes move (slide, pan, and tilt) using our elektraDRIVE motion control system you would need one of our CineSliders and our Revolution Pan and Tilt Head or Rev 2 Pan and Tilt Head.  The Revolution Head should only be used with either our CineSliders or our Shuttle Pod systems, due to weight capacities and to ensure that the set up is stable.


In order to do a 3 axes move you would need the following items:


(Select motor mount that matches your slider)

As for your motor choice we recommend the 500 series motor for timelapses and vertical movements and the 100 series motor for quicker live movements. Here is a video explaining the differences between our motor choices:

VIDEO: eketraDRIVE motor speed comparison


If you are wishing to utilize the built-in intervalometer features of the ORACLE controller you would also need a Camera Control Module with the correct cable for your camera:

The Camera Control Module is required for the intervalometer function as well as some other features of the ORACLE Controller.

These features include:
Manual Camera Remote Trigger
Intervalometer Trigger
Shoot-Move-Shoot Time Lapse
Stop Motion Mode
Bulb Mode
(new with v2.0)

The ORACLE controller can only control 2 axes at a time, in order to do a 3 axes move (slide, pan, and tilt) you would need to use two ORACLE controllers, one controlling the slide and the other controlling the pan and tilt of the Revolution Head.

Preston goes over setting up a 3 axes move in this video:

VIDEO: How to set up a 3 axis move

And Swissfilmakers also created this very informative tutorial


If you wanted to do a 2 axes move (slide and pan) with one controller you would need our Crossover cable and coupler:

Here is a video explaining a 2 axes set up using the Crossover Cable & Coupler:




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