HOW-TO: Using the Oracle with a Slider and 2nd Axis (Pan or Tilt)

With the Oracle, you are able to control up to 2 axes. Typically, it is used to control just the Slider or just the Pan and Tilt head. In some situations, you may want to control Slide and Pan or the Slide and Tilt.

To control the slider motor and 1 axis of the Revolution Head (or Rev2 Head), you simply connect each motor to the Cat 5 splitter.

If controlling Slide and Tilt, you will want to purchase the following accessory:
If controlling Slide and Pan, you will want to purchase the following accessories:

This Crossover Cable & Coupler allows you to control the PAN axis of the REVOLUTION Head (or Rev2 Head) and the slider motor at the same time, with one ORACLE controller (while in Slider/TT mode on the ORACLE with v2.06.2 SL or newer). Without this, you can only control the TILT axis in the Slider/TT mode.

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