HOW-TO: Pan/Tilt Head Mounting Options

Kwik Release

Step 1 - 

Install the Kwik Release to the bottom of the Pan base by threading each camera screw (1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16) into the corresponding threaded hole.


Step 2 -

Install the Second Shooter onto any Kwik Release receiver.



Flat Mount Adapter

Step 1 -

Screw the Flat Mount Adapter into the larger (3/8"-16) threaded hole on the bottom of the Pan base.


Step 2 -

Install the Second Shooter onto any 3/8"-16 threaded hole.




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    Patrick Taber

    Step 2 of method 1: I was hoping you'd show how to get two mounting screws for the receiver into the cineslider carriage. No matter how I spin the plate, I can't seem to find two holes that line up at the same time.

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    Chris Beller

    Our manual for the Kwik Release shows how to mount the receiver to our sliders.

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    I can't find any info on mounting the Kwik Release mount to the Shuttle Pod Mini cheese plate, is this possible or do I need to use a low profile ball mount in-between?