Second Shooter Plus Firmware v0.4.4.0

This is the initial public release of Second Shooter Plus firmware

- Compatible with Second Shooter for master/slave configuration

- Maximum photo count of 50,000 for time lapse

- Support for kOS software via USB or wifi

- Quiet mode for reducing motors noise when needed

- External intervalometer supported

- Increased motor speed beyond Second Shooter



  1. Download and extract the attached zip file. There are 2 files within the zip folder. The one you need is SecondShooter+.img
  2. Plug in the power cord for the Second Shooter Plus controller.
  3. Plug the USB cord from Computer into the micro-USB port on the controller.
  4. Once system powers up, navigate to "Settings"
  5. In "Settings", find and select “Firmware Update”, the controller will display “Firmware Update Ready…”
  6. The controller will show up as a USB device on your computer titled SSPLUS
  7. Go to the location where you extracted 2ndShooter.img
  8. Click and Drag SecondShooter+.img to the USB device titled SSPLUS and release.
  9. The system is now updating. The Controller’s screen will detail the update process and ask you to reboot the controller.
  10. Select "Reboot". The controller will reboot itself.
  11. As the system restarts, confirm the splash screen shows the new firmware number across the bottom.
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