CineDrive - Firmware Only V4.10.1.6 [Current Release]

Release Date: September 13, 2018


CineDrive firmware v4.7.1 ended support for the legacy Ad-Hoc WiFi module in older CineDrive Brains. If you have not updated to the new Access Point WiFi module and install this firmware, you will only be able to connect to your CineDrive Brain via "wired" mode. You will no longer be able to connect via a wireless connection to the Brain. For more information about identifying if you have an Ad-Hoc WiFi module and how to upgrade, please visit


This firmware file is to install the CineDrive firmware manually to the CineDrive Brain via SD Card.


Please follow the link below for instructions on installing firmware via SD card.


CineDrive Firmware v4.10.1.6 Release Notes

  • Requires kOS v 4.10.4
  • Improved calibration restoration process

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