Second Shooter Plus Firmware V0.4.9.12

Release Date: December 15, 2020

NOTE: This firmware version is not compatible with the current release of kOS available for the SS+



Change Log 

Release notes for Second Shooter Plus firmware


  • Modified the CANBUS interface to throttle the baud-rate automatically based on the line transmission distance.
  • Modified the communication protocol to allow 500Kbps commands to refresh the axes’ list and data.
  • Modified the ‘Motor Options’ UI to allow CANBUS baud-rate changes. These settings are persistent.
  • Fixed endianness when sending calibrated data to the GUI (endPos)
  • Fixed motor motion control issue when receiving a stopPlayback command before the trajectory finishes.
  • Several changes to the protocol to provide correct motor positions in the requested notifications’ payload changes.
  • Added markBegin to the MotorCalibrated notification payload
  • Added markBegin to the motorInfo payload
  • Motor positions do not include range data anymore.



  1. Download and extract the attached zip file. There are 2 files within the zip folder. The one you need is SecondShooter+.img
  2. Double check that Wifi is disabled on the Second Shooter Plus Controller.
  3. Plug in the power cord for the Second Shooter Plus controller.
  4. Plug the USB cord from Computer into the micro-USB port on the controller.
  5. Once system powers up, navigate to "Settings"
  6. In "Settings", find and select “Firmware Update”, the controller will display “Firmware Update Ready…”
  7. The controller will show up as a USB device on your computer titled SSPLUS
  8. Go to the location where you extracted 2ndShooter.img
  9. Click and Drag SecondShooter+.img to the USB device titled SSPLUS and release.
  10. The system is now updating. The Controller’s screen will detail the update process and ask you to reboot the controller.
  11. Select "Reboot". The controller will reboot itself.
  12. As the system restarts, confirm the splash screen shows the new firmware number across the bottom.
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