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Kessler Second Shooter Pan Tracking Error Fault

Hello, I just received my Second Shooter Plus system today and hooked it all up as per the instructions and video. When it goes to pan it is really jumpy and then it says "FAULT tracking error Pan [Reset Axis]" every time. It won't let me do the pan axis. The Tilt and Slider both work perfectly but the Pan won't work. Is there something I might be doing wrong or do I just have a faulty unit?

sheldon steere

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I have opened a support request in our support system, so we can troubleshoot the issue with you. If you ever have questions or problems you can open a support ticket with our support team by e-mailing Thanks!

Chris Beller

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I am getting the same error. this occurs after I set the last key frame and hit the start button. The carriage travels 1/4 to 1/2 the length of the slider to the starting position and then stops. I get the "FAULT tracking error pan [reset axis]" error message.The CAT 5 cables are secure and are not snagging on anything. There are no obstructions in the slider that would prevent the complete movement. The only physical issue I can see that might be causing the carriage to stop is with the drive belt (NOT THE BELT CONNECTED TO THE SLIDER MOTOR). Is there a way to adjust the tension on the on the belt that runs the length of the slider?

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