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Motor motion status (addr=3 status=1_: Short-circuit protection status errror

I am getting this error coming out of nowhere with the tilt motor. No power spies or failure or anything. I followed the instructions to remedy, having just that motor plugged in, etc, and still nothing. Only had the system for 2 days....

Peter Dimako

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Hi Peter -

Very sorry you are having a problem. This fault can sometimes happen if the wrong motor profiles are ran for a motor type and causes the motor to fail. Not saying that is the case here, but this fault is not common, and many times, that is the cause when we do see it.
I see you have been working with one of our team members and have sent in the log files for this. I have sent that ticket over to the team member that has been working with you, so he has these log files as well. I will also be following up on this when they are back in the office on Tuesday, so I can understand all the details, because you should not be having problems with a brand new system. Again, very sorry for the problems, and we will get back with you ASAP via your support tickets, once everyone is back from holiday.

Chris Beller

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All good! Had a motor issue. Kessler replaced it asap. Incredible service as usual.

Peter Dimako 0 votes