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Using Second Shooter for Miniature Compositing

I'm looking for a good motion control system to use in filming miniatures. The idea would be to film live actors in front of a bluescreen using motion control and then scale down the motion to film a miniature set for the background. Would it be possible to do this kind of scaling using a Second Shooter? And does it matter which slider I get for it? I'm trying to decide between Stealth and Pocket Dolly 3.

Joshua Little

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In regards to choosing between the Stealth and Pocket Dolly 3, when working with the Second Shooter or Second Shooter Plus, I would always recommend the Stealth, because you are able to utilize all three pulley configurations, including the fastest mode for interviews. This will give you the most flexibility.

In regards to being able to accomplish the shot that you are wanting to, I am by no means an expert in filming miniatures, but I see no reason why our motion control products would not work. Using our kOS software, you can set exact key frames for your three axes (more with the Premium version of kOS). For more information about our kOS software, please see this link.

If you have more questions, please contact our support team and we will be happy to answer any further questions that you have. Thanks!

Chris Beller

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