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Parallax Thread Adapter

Hey friends!

I have a 3ft Cineslider and Parallax bar. I have a 3/8 to 3/8 Kessler Flat Mount Adapter that I use to attach my Manfrotto fluid head to my slider and parallax bar. This morning I had a shoot and I realized that when I put things away from the last shoot a spring thread adapter was stuck on on the Flat Mount and I can no longer attach it to the parallax. I have only had the parallax for a couple months and definitely bummed that it is down already. I have attached photos. Any wisdom and help would be amazing!!

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4



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Hi Alex - Sorry for the problems. It looks like the Flat Mount adapter may have accidentally been cross threaded into the Parallax and it pulled the Helicoil out. Please contact our support team ( to schedule a repair, so we can replace the Helicoil in the Parallax. Thanks!

Chris Beller

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