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Building a great camera slider with motion control

Hallo everybody,
I'd like to build a camera slider with motion control. But the Kessler products are extreme expansive... so my idea is to build the slider step by step.
My idea is, first, to buy a Pocket Dolly 3
Second, upgrade the slider with "Second Shooter Plus Bundle - Complete". But for this last item, I'd like to know if is possible:
1 - to setup EASE IN and OUT movement;
2 - to have Motion control data to use in 3D applications (see reference video
Other suggestions?
Many thanks.


Duca Simone Luchini

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Hi Duca -

To answer your questions.

#1. Yes, the controller has a Ramping setting which adjusts the speed in and out of a move. You could also use the kOS software to control it even further.

#2. You cannot export the motion control data from kOS to import into a 3D application.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Thanks!

Chris Beller

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