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Second Shooter F.I.Z. Add-on Kit Different Keyframe for focus?

Hi Guys, Just got a second shooter and am using a different follow focus but proving difficult. I'm curious if this add on kit will allow me to select 2 keyframes on the motor mount IN ADDITION to the 2 key frames on my slider? I'm trying to do perfectly synced dolly shots toward a subject with the focus perfectly syncing with the slide. Can I do this with that single cable add on?

Terry Leahy

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Hi Terry -

You could do this using our kOS software. This will allow you to set independent key frames for each axis. Using the controller, all axis key frames are set together. The kOS software gives you independent key frame control for each axis.

Here is information on kOS software:

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the support team at or reaching us on live chat or phone.


Chris Beller

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