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Secon Shooter Boot Sceen is Blank

Just opened up my new Second Shooter.  Updated the firmware to 3.9.1.  Booted fine after that.  Put both our Second Shooter Plus and Second Shooter nest to each other and added the bridge cable.  Second Shooter screen went blank.  Back Light is on.  Flashlight works.  Hmmmmmm...  Help? 

Richard Griebno

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Richard -

Sorry about the problems. If you have not done so already, can you please contact our support team to assist you. They can be reached at Please include as much detail of exact steps taken, the firmware version on both controllers. If you did a firmware update on either or both controllers, what version did you upgrade from.

Also, if you could include a video of exactly what you are doing and the problem so we can see exactly what is happening, that would be very helpful.Please note, our system has a 7MB attachment limit, so if the file is large, a link to a private YouTube or Vimeo video would work as well.


Chris Beller

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