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Working "up side down"

Hello !

I work for a Television Company at Brasil ( Globo network ) and would like to know if you guys do have a standard solution for achieving inverted allready using DSLR cameras or Panasonic Remote cameras.

Best regards !




Pedro Carvana

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Kessler does not have a standard solution for inverted slider set ups, However, many customers have done them in the past mounting the sliders onto something like lighting truss systems. 

Here is an example of the CineSlider and Second Shooter being used inverted by a Kessler customer:

However, the Pocket Dolly/ Stealth slider line up of products should not be used inverted as their lightweight cart design does not grip the underside of the rail as a CineSlider or Shuttle Pod w/ Keeper Grabber Wheels installed would.  

Tim Hiatt

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