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IPad KOS problems

We have a 4 axis system setup with a 8' Shuttlepod, pan, tilt, focus and slider. This is our first complete setup since purchase and seem to be having trouble with the software.
We are setting up new calibration for the slider. As I hold the control slider to the left and the cart moves toward what would be my "Begin" point the app flashes a couple of time, and the list of available motors disappears briefly. At this point there is no control of the cart and it continues toward the end of the shuttlepod. The motor list returns in a few seconds and I can select the slider and nudge it to make it stop.
Any calibrations done to that point are wiped clean.
Both the KOS and the firmware are up to date. The IPad is a version 4 retina display (we have actually done it on a number of devices).
At one point we briefly saw an error that said something to the effect that the "Stay Alive" had expired.
So we need some advice - I have tried connecting with Powerbooks but the software just says there is no brain detected.

Thanks in advance.

Dean Reynolds

Official comment


A number of CineDrive users have reported axis buttons disappearing while moving motors in our v3.2 release. If the axis button disappears while moving a motor, control of that motor is lost until a few seconds later when the axis button returns.

If you move an uncalibrated motor slowly, that axis button will disappear within 8-12 seconds. It will come back in a few seconds. However control to that motor is lost during that time.

We've fixed this in our v3.3 beta release, and are now working to get this version out.

In the meantime, with v3.2, I recommend you not run motors for more than 8 seconds while calibrating an axis. By running a motor, I'm referring to the process of dragging the slider handle left or right to position a motor during calibration. By releasing the slider handle before 8 seconds has passed, this avoids the condition that causes the axis button to go offline.

We are also working to provide instructions for a wireless router solution for people having connectivity issues with Mac and iPad. Contact our Support team directly if you encounter this issue.

Jeff Mullikin

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