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CineDrive motor freaking out

I've had a CineDrive/ShuttlePod combo setup and working flawless for about 4 days now. We're filming a seminar and in the back of the room, I've got the camera sliding back and forth down a 12 foot shuttlepod rail with the cinedrive following/panning slightly left and right. This loops indefinitely during each session. Day 5, the motor controlling the slide begins to freak out mid-session with no reason or warning. The motor jerks back and forth rapidly without response from software, until we're forced to just pull the power to the brain. I've rebooted, unattached/reattached the motor, checked the gear teeth. Nothing. Software gives no indication of issue. Both kOS as well as Mac Desktop. Pan and tilt on the cinedrive still works fine, but the slide motor won't stop freaking out every time I try to move it. Help!! :-(

Stephen Brock

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