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K-Plate Lite


I'd love to see a K-plate lite or what ever, I know Eric has mentioned it I think, but I am really using the crap out of these plates and trying out the new Zacuto receiver as well to see how things mate up.

The biggest problem with the Kwik release system is that its unstable on larger cameras and unless its built with handles and rails it falls over, all the time. I end up laying my camera on its side regularly if I have to put it down on a table or anything.

So, while the K-plate is awesome, I already have other rail blocks and the people I shoot with may or may not have a rail system, but can always use a plate to through on.

Please offer a K-plate with only the bottom portion of the K-plate without rails or mount points - just the plate portion and the outriggers, maybe even little rubber contacts, but make em wide and light. But not very high or longer than the plate itself so it won't interfere with anything else.

thanks and my the force be with you.


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A "K-Plate Lite" type of camera plate is in the works. I have forwarded your comments to the development team for review as well. Thanks!

Chris Beller

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