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Using the CineDrive & Slider Inverted

Two part question. I'm trying to do a shot with the camera right on the shooting surface and all the standard configurations have it too high. I'm pretty sure I could get the shot if the camera was hanging under the slider rather than riding on top...

Will the CineSlider and CineDrive work inverted?

Do ya'll have any specific hardware to rig it in that configuration? I was just going to invert the center column on a couple of tripods, or use a single point mount on a big Cambo monopod....

Andy Post

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Yes, you can use the CineSlider and CineDrive inverted, you will just want to make sure that how you are holding the equipment is solid. We do not have a standard solution for achieving inverted moves.

Tim Hiatt

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I'd like to work inverted as well. I usually hang a DSLR off a magic arm, to get low, but that is a bit wonky and subject to camera shake unless I go really wide. Would be cool if there was a solution for a rock solid underslung configuration.


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