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Fine Adjustment of Key Frames

I'm learning how to work the most-killer-excellent KOS app and suspect I'm missing a short cut. When I lay out a movement, I see how to right clicking a key frame allows you to move it forward/backward in time and towards beginning/ending of calibrated range of movement. What I don't see is that jogging those values using the blue arrows actually moves the motors so that I can see where I've jogged any of the axis.

What I end up doing is...
Scrub to the key frame
Delete it
Reset the axis as at that point, I can drag and nudge it
Re-recording the key frame using "add key frames to selected Axis"

It works but not as smoothly as if I could just adjust the position of a key frame and see it change on my monitor.

Am I doing what needs to be done or is there a shortcut I'm missing?

Thanks in advance for your input.

Andy Post

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I just verified this is working with Win kOS 3.0.2 and firmware 3.0.2, which is our latest release on the Kessler CineDrive website. When I use the Key Frame bump buttons (after right mouse-clicking on a key frame), the blue up and down arrows move the motor for the select axis. Note this only works when the axis is calibrated.

Terry Howald

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Well nuts. I've just confirmed myself as a booger eating moron. It works just like I expected it to, BUT how for the life of me it wasn't working yesterday. Du-OH!

I appreciate your patience.

Andy Post 0 votes

That's OK. At least it's working now. However I believe you that it wasn't working for you before. If you see that again, please report it right away. There might be a lingering bug there we haven't figured out how to trigger.

Terry Howald 0 votes