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Maximum Vertical Capacity of Cineslider?

I was attempting to do a vertical move with my F55 on the Cineslider w/ oracle controller and 500 series motor. The camera was mounted on the Kessler low-profile ball head and 90º camera plate. The camera was in a lightweight configuration with no EVF, a Canon 24-70mm 2.8 L, and a 1lb Sony BP-GL95 battery. The whole thing was well under 10lbs. Unfortunately, the slider couldn't perform the move. The belt would skip teeth and/or the whole thing would slide down uncontrollably. Ultimately, the belt became very loose and I gave up. Does this exceed the vertical carrying capacity of the slider? I've had very little issue doing this with a 1DC, but I was really hoping to be able to pull off these vertical moves with my 55 too.
Thanks, Eric

Eric Liner

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Hi Eric- Your cart drive belt tension needs to be increased if you are experiencing belt slipping while attempting vertical/inclined slider moves. You should have no trouble with weights up to easilt two times what you have. Here is the URL to a video showing the belt tightening process. Let us know if you have any further questions. Jeff

Jeff Mullikin

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