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Unable to retrieve playback information from Brain

Dear Kessler,
Hope this finds you well.

I write to you today to inform you of my appalling experience with updating the firmware in my Cinedrive brain. (With MCB & motor connected)

Once again I have been duped by this lacklustre seating of this firmware image.
The brain is initialising via wifi &/or ethernet from the KOS app... instructions are able to be sent (i.e., switch LED & Lamp on and off) but there is a warning sign stating "Unable to retrieve playback information from Brain" !!!!

I have tried every way possible to make this work... from SD card to hard wired. Switching it offend on to reseting the brain via KOS.
Nothing other than the above warning is offered.

Please help!!! I'm demoralised after waisting several hours on this... for the second time.

Stuart Trevan

Stuart Trevan

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