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Two questions about the Pocket Jib Traveler

  1. In the inter video to your jibs, Eric mentions that all Kessler cranes and jibs can be used in "Manual", "Fixed Angle" or "Auto" modes. In all of the videos and manuals for the Pocket Job Traveler, I do not see how this is accomplished. Are these modes possible, and if so, how?

2) I know the jib has a 10lb limit. In real use, does it work well for the C100?

Tom Miller

Official comment


The cranes that we offer are capable of the different crane modes (manual, fixed angle, or automatic). However, Kessler Jibs do not.

The terms crane/jib is often used interchangeablly within the film/televison industry which can create some confusion when looking at the products that we offer.

With Kessler products cranes are typically operated from the rear and jibs typically are operated from the front with a tripod head mounted at the end of the boom arm to provide tilt functionality

However, you can operate either from the front or rear.

The Pocket Jib Traveler does not offer tilt control, if you wanted to be able to tilt the camera you would need to mount a tripod head to the camera basket using a Flat Mount Adapter:

If your C100 and is rigged out to under 10lbs you should not have any issues using it on the Pocket Jib Traveler.

Tim Hiatt

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