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Erase Marks?

How do you remove marks on the KOS graph?

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Justin Chin

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Ah...this is the answer....From Terry Howald @ Kessler Crane Support
Yes markers can be moved or deleted just like key frames can be moved or deleted, and in the same manner. So a tap and hold or right mouse click will launch the marker editing menu. Also, just like key frames, you have to disable the lock on key frames and handles in the Graph Options menu before you can edit markers.

It worked for me, but...there were three that I could not remove for some reason until after I restarted the brain & App. Go figure...

Andy Post

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I would also like to be able to erase my keyframes without changing calibration settings.

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I came looking for the same answer...but I think I can help with the key frame issue. I'm pretty that you first select the axis the key frame is on, then right click the keyframe (or double click) and select delete. You can also clear them all if you're starting a new move.

When you say Calibration settings, are you talking about the beginning and end points for each axis, or the effect keyframe had on the curve of the axis?

If the former, deleting a keyframe shouldn't affect your calibration. If the latter, it will likely affect your curve. I've found that I often will polish a curve by removing some of the keyframes as they tend to add "kinks" that I'm trying to smooth out.

Hope that helps...

Andy Post 0 votes

Ah. I got it thanks everyone. I figured out why it wasn't working for me. Here's what I've found.

  • CTL + Track Pad on a OSX laptop DOES NOT bring up the secondary menu.
  • Using a Magic Mouse with the Right Click function on, DOES bring up the secondary menu.
  • Holding down on the keyframe/mark on the iPad, DOES bring up the secondary menu.

Other notes:
- The marks feature isn't on the iPad as far as I can tell. I have them when working with my laptop, but if I switch to the iPad they don't appear (but apparently not lost).

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