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Keyframe Saving vs Calibration Saving

As I work on getting the hang of setting up my moves, I find a few things challenging. I'm just getting the Cinedrive up and running over the last few days so I'm sure there are some gaps in my knowledge about the KOS software/Cinedrive, please fill me in on things I might have missed.

I'm currently running:
Firm -

I understand that the both the keyframe move and calibration are stored on the brain, and the KOS software pushes changes to the brain.

It would be helpful to understand what states are saved when:
- doing a save from the "file menu"
- any edits are made in KOS. Most are obvious because it tells you, but it would be a good to have a list.

Keyframes and Calibration
I'd love to be able to load in keyframes separately from the calibration. What this would allow me to do is:
- calibrate the motors with one set up
- load in different keyframes without the need to recalibrate
- quickly create preset moves for multiple passes and repeat them
- test all moves without the danger of resetting calibration

There are obvious issues with this workflow:
- Change in position of camera/motors (brain does know what motors are attached and can alert user)
- Change in motors on various setup (data not stored in brain/file)
- Change in cameras

To help alleviate those possible errors:
- Create an easy to read profile for each keyframe/Calibration setup / motors and ranges.
- I believe it's possible to apply a scale to the keyframes based on the current range calibration settings.
- The profile can have a default position for the slider, so I can place the platform at the 28" mark when loading / setup to avoid over shooting.
- Jockybox mode where you can move the system outside the calibration ranges to move elements to the correct "default" or current position before loading/engaging a previous calibration.
- In conjunction to the above, provide verbose position/range warnings when loading a keys/cals, with a cancel button.

Justin Chin

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