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Open Protocol?

First off, let me say that Kessler support is amazing. I send in a support request in the evening, and I get an answer in the morning the next day. Not many places do that. Not many at all. And they don't only acknowledge the question/request they offer a solution (or workaround) if they have one. Love it.

Now for the another request. I'm posting it here to see if anyone else out there is interested in these types of features.

Support for Dragonframe software. I WOULD LOVE THIS. What I'm doing now I can do with the KOS app. What I'd like to move into, is more complex moves with more axis. Boom, and track especially. Especially give the up cam coming Cinedrive hardware coming out this year.

Hurricane Wheels! It would be amazing to have support for them, or other types of wheels. Seriously, I'd but the pan/tilt head on a dolly and leave it there.

Also, some support for other FIZ motors out there. That's probably a stretch, but it would be quite awesome to use gear that I already have for primary or backup.


Justin Chin

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