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Second Shooter controller shift key issue?

Has anyone experienced trouble with the shift key or ports on their second shooter controller? I can only control one headset feature at a time...shift key does nothing.

Jason Stevens

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Jason- Feel free to email me directly.

We have not had any complaints as such- but, I would like to make sure I understand your issue correctly. Are you saying the shift function (key) doesn't appears to work on your controller? Specifically, holding the shift key down and hitting enter doesn't turn the LED flashlight ON- nor does Shift & Left or Right arrow result in pan rotation?

By ports do you mean the cable ports to the slider, pan and tilt? Do you get any tracking errors displaying at any time?

Email me back and I create a case # and we can get resolution under way.

Jeff Mullikin
Engineering Technical Support and
Electronic Assembly Manager

Jeff Mullikin

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