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CineDrive Vs Second Shooter

Is there any reason why I shouldn't sell my CineDrive system and get a Second Shooter? It doesn't seem like the technical capabilities of either are all that different, but the prices are.

Thank you

Rex Martin

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Hi Rex,

Depending on what you are using your CineDrive to shoot it could be possible that the Second Shooter would be a better option for you.

The Second Shooter was designed to be a lightweight motion digital motion control system with timelapse and looping live move functionality in mind.

CineDrive however, is a more robust system offering a graphic user interface that allows more control over the playback of your move through up to 10 keyframes per axis and bezier curves to control how the motors move through those keyframes. It also is a much more expandable system that is currently able to support up to 10 different axes. The different series slider motors and higher weight capacity on the CineDrive pan/tilt head allow for heavier cameras such as RED Epics and the Arri Alexa to be able to be used.

If you are doing VFX work that would require the additional control of the movement or shooting with heavier cinema cameras we would recommend that you continue with CineDrive as your motion control solution.

If you are shooting only with lightweight DSLR cameras and do not need the added control over the programmed move the Second Shooter would probably be a better fit for you.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at

Tim Hiatt

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