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Pulley+Counterweight for Shuttlepod on Incline

Although my Shuttlepod and motor combination is working great for moving the camera up or down on an incline, it makes me exceedingly uncomfortable to know that if the belt was to slip or break, my VERY expensive camera and rig would come crashing down. I'd like to build a pulley and counterweight system on my shuttlepod & rail system so the motor is simply positioning the rig, but a counterweight is actually zeroing out the force of gravity. Has anyone else done this or have recommendations for parts? I'm looking at McMaster-Carr and some other robotic part sites, but if this is a solved problem already, I'd love to hear about it so I don't reinvent the wheel... or pulley.

Jeffrey Light

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Hi Jeff, We have seen customers add a counterbalance system to their sliders in the past and understand your concerns. To put your mind a bit at ease the belt is a fiberglass reinforced rubber that should not break, in my experience I have not seen one break without accidentely being cut.

However, we do not have an official solution for adding counterbalance that is supported. I would recommend reaching out to our community via Facebook as that would be a more visible route to connect with other Kessler users:

Tim Hiatt

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Thanks, Tim! That is reassuring to know about the strength of the belt. The more likely scenario would be that the clamp holding the belt wouldn't be tightened properly or some other user error. Anyway, I'll give Facebook a try for this sort of thing in the future.

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