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kOS with Second Shooter?

It was mentioned in one of the promo videos for the Second Shooter (which we just received yesterday, updated to 3 keyframe firmware, works great!), that it will work with kOS, I imagine this will be in a future release of kOS and SS firmware?

Myles Gray

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Hi Myles, We plan to release a WiFi backpack for the Second Shooter in 2015 that will allow you to utilize kOS to control your Second Shooter motors for greater levels of control and features like an expanded number of keyframes.

Tim Hiatt

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Hi Tim, is this WiFi backpack still in the works? I just purchased a second shooter bundle and the FIZ add on kit and was informed that "The MCB system is not compatible with the Second Shooter unit, as of now it is only compatible with our CineDrive system". In regards to your recent reply re, adapter cables, I must not be understanding it fully - exactly what options are there (or will there be in the future) for upgrading the second shooter kit with more cinedrive like control (software control etc.). Any chance you can lay it out for us? Thanks!

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