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Lash problem with Second Shooter

With the latest version, installed I finally used the SS for my first interview. In post, however, I found that it was giving a lash problem.

It was a simple 2-keyframe parallax slide/pan move with about a 1 minute travel and 10% ramp. When it gets to the end and starts to go back, there's small pivot in the pan.

Need fixed before the next paid job. (This was volunteer.)

Steve Puffenberger

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Hi Steve,

The movement seen is the pan lash compensation feature in software that is intended to remove lash from the pan axis whenever a key frame / direction change occurs. The pan axis lash compensation number was set at the factory such that the pan and tilt axes are synchronized correctly during a diagonal pan/tilt move. Otherwise, the pan movement can initially lag the tilt motion whenever a direction change occurs. This will appear as a tilt axis rise or drop movement prior to any pan

The amount of pan lash compensation can be reduced or even completely eliminated as described below. It is important to record the lash compensation number before editing for future reference in the event you create a move where the pan axis appears to be lagging the tilt axis movement. In that case you would want to restore the pan axis lash compensation value.

To reduce or eliminate the pan lash compensation value-
1) Go the Settings menu of the Second Shooter controller
2) Go to Lash Compensation
3) Arrow down to Pan, select Enter
4) Use the down arrow key to reduce or completely eliminate (zero out) the pan lash compensation value
5) Select Enter to save
6) Use the Menu button to exit back to the initial menu.

Tim Hiatt

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Hi, Tim.

Well I just tried this and when I set lash to zero, the pan doesn't start turning until well into the slider move, and on the return cycle, it loses its target as it starts back and is no longer centered on the subject.

When set at the default 2.50, the pan jumps the proper direction before the slide starts. And I noticed that when in scrub mode, pan goes before move every time.

So something is messed up. It's taking forever to test various combinations. Is there a sure-fire easy way to dial in the lash number?


Steve Puffenberger 0 votes

I have encountered the exact same problem. I was told by Kessler that this is normal. I personally think it is unacceptable. I have now spent close to 5k on my second shooter setup and not being able to do smooth looping parralax moves without this lashing at each end really makes me upset. I will say i have found this to help: take off the tilt section of second shooter ( i personally think it only works with tiny cameras only, nothing over 5lbs) Set your pan lash to 2.00, set your ramp to 7 to 8 percent. Make sure your loop is atleast 35 seconds. I have tried literally every combo i could and this is the smoothest setting i found.

zach wolfe 0 votes

I have that same problem, I tried to fix that lag on the pan axis with the lash compensation without success.
My second shooter will loose the framing when going one way. let's say the slide move going left is ok, the pan on the way back will be wrong. That makes the move impossible to adjust since just one way is working properly without losing the framing because of the pan lag.

Cedric 0 votes