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Second Shooter Parameters

Hi there

The product looks great but the manual is a little basic for a motion control system (which is all about precision and programming values)

Can the second shooter be programmed with 0% ramp. It seems that on all the diagrams i can find the lowest is 5%

Also what are the maximum parameters for the software functions that control the 3 motors. without actually purchasing one its hard to see the maximum and minimum values that are available to users.

if the slider track was in theory 1 mile long and the power device was portable could the software on the controller make the necessary rotations to the slider motor to do this or is their a maximum limit that inhibits this (time or revolutions)
The same question goes for rotation, can the pan make 20 revolutions in a single programmed move or are the parameters from 0 degrees to 360 degrees, limiting it to 1 rotation.

I am looking for continuous loops at a constant speed - not moves that ping pong backwards and forwards ramping in and out at the end of each move.

I understand that the kOS is to be integrated in Q4 but it would be good to know the capabilities of the controller software now, so I am informed before making a purchasing decision

Where is the information!

chris angelkov

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Ramp may be set to 1% which means all active motors jump to a fixed speed as fast as they can. I'm not sure which maximum parameters you are referring to. The speed for active motors depends on the run time that is set. I'll have to ask your maximum rotation limitation to our firmware developer. As part of the release regression test, I run 100 rotations for the slider. Pan would have the same motor rotation limitations as the slider or tilt, which is related to the number of encoder counts that can be stored. I know you can have 20 pan revolutions but off hand I don't know what that maximum number is. You can achieve continuous looping by setting Ramp to 1%. The only acceleration you would see is the motors jumping to their constant velocity as fast as they can.

Feel free to contact me at if you have additional questions. I'll check with our firmware developer on the maximum revolution questions you've asked.


Terry Howald

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