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Second 3-Axis Problem with jitter in videos

I purchased a 3-Axis Second shooter to use on my stealth slider with a Sony PXW-X70. I was using it on a shoot yesterday to do some slide moves with a pan to stay on the object. All the footage has a slight jitter. I tried changing my tracking speed, but nothing seemed to give me a smooth move. I couldn't find any info on what the lash compensation does, but I checked my settings and the slide and tilt are set to "0" and the pan is set to 2.20. Please help, my client is very upset and I am now checking with my editor to see if he can smooth it out in post.


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Barry, Sorry you are having problems. Please send an e-mail to and include a video of the footage and if possible your rig, so we can determine what could be causing your problems. Also provide as much detail about your settings. Thanks!

Chris Beller

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I received a second shooter system a week ago, never having used the system before. I'm experimentally learning how to use it, and have noticed this problem right out of the gate. I'm experimentally learning what this equipment can and can't do mostly because of the appalling lack of meaningful documentation both in terms of pre-sales descriptive specifications and the so called user manual. I understood when I bought this thing that it's an engineering work in progress to serve a budget minded market of DSLR shooters (or some such product and marketing objectives). I also understood that I would to some degree need to shoot within the parameters of the system limitations. However, none of this work in progress stuff excuses system flaws like this jitter problem, i.e. if the system CAN do a compound movement to drive an intended load, then it should do it with professionally acceptable result. In the course of my experimentation I will take careful notes to try to establish what conditions are related to this jitter problem. Unfortunately, a lot of the necessary data for trouble shooting this sort of issue is non-recordable except as general observations because the control data itself has no meaningful GUI and is lost when the system is powered off (or needs reboot from one of the apparently hypersensitive error conditions).

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