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Unanticipated Stealth and Parallax issue

Just got the gear today, so I haven't actually tried to do anything with it yet. But as I did the required assembly, a thought occurred to me. We mounted a Kessler Kwik Release plate directly to the Parallax. While that makes the Parallax great for side to side movement, what if I want to use the slider to creep directly toward (or away from) my subject? How do I go about panning my camera 90 degrees and shoot parallel to the slider, instead of shooting perpendicular to the slider. Do I need a small pan/tilt head to attach directly to the Parallax?

Tim Allison

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In order to turn the camera 90 degrees so that you can perform push pull shots you can simply rotate the camera plate 90 degrees on your camera.

This may not always be practical, so another way to be able to change the orientation of your camera would be to mount a tripod head ontop of the Parallax. Since you are already utilizing our Kwik Release I would suggest our Low Profile Ball Head between the Parallax and the Kwik Release.:

If you wish to mount a flat mount style tripod head you would use our Flat Mount Adapter, for half ball mounted tripod heads our 100mm High Hat would need to be mounted ontop of the Parallax cart.

Tim Hiatt

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