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Error and forced to reset Axis every time I try and playback move....

Hello. I am new to Cinedirve so I am hoping this is a rookie user error, but here's my issue. I have a 5-axis Cinedrive system. I have all 5 axis daisy chained from the brain, all open ports terminated and have powered up brain only after all MCBs and mac are connected. Everything responds well and allows me to calibrate each axis correctly and I am able to record keyframes. However, when I try and load the move to playback, the tilt axis always gives me this error message "error (addr=3): A fault was detected in the brain - axis will be reset". Is there anything you can see that I am doing wrong?

Jeremy Tomlinson

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Hi Jeremy,

It is possible that your pan/tilt head may need to be sent in for repair. Can you please email a short video clip showing what the system is doing when you attempt to play the move?

Tim Hiatt

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