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Controller goes blank!

"Second-Shooter" While pressing and holding slider control, my controller screen went blank and has not come back. Is this a command or is this a problem or defect??? HELP!!!!!

Travis Morgan

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Hi Travis,

Please email a short video (like from a cell phone) showing what you are seeing to I will then be able to escalate this issue to our engineers and we will be able to move forward with troubleshooting.

Tim Hiatt

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My second shooter is also blanking out occasionally. I have to reprogram moves after the controller reboots. Assuming the issue is a loose contact or faulty cable, I taped the cable to the controller to immobilize the cable. That solved the problem. My take is that the loose connection is in the controller and not the battery.

My next step is to remove controller cover and tweak power connection for a surer contact. Shouldn't have to do this as the unit has only been used some 20 times. It is possible that the cord was pulled out of controller at an angle and bent the contact sleeve inside controller. But I treat the gear tenderly. Otherwise the Second Shooter has been simple/flawless.

Mike kofford, California

Mike Kofford 1 vote

Hi Mike,

Your problem does sound like it is a power source cutting in and out. Please reach out to us at to move forward with getting this fixed. Also, just an FYI opening the case of the controller without being advised to by a Kessler rep does void your manufacturer's warranty.

Tim Hiatt 0 votes