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Fault Cable Unplugged

I get this now when I try to start my manual or program moves. Anyone have any idea why? I have the latest firmware update as well. Thank you.

Dent Time, LLC

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The two most common causes are:

1) The motor cables must be connected before any programming of moves occurs as the motors provide the position feedback information to the controller. There will be a generic "Motor Unplugged" error message displayed in this case.

2) A low battery supply can cause either an unplugged cable or tracking error fault on any connected axis. Verification testing should be performed with either a known fully charged battery or with the supply AC wall power supply.

Obviously, physically unplugging the motor after a programmed move or manual move has been initiated will also set an axis specific unplugged motor error.

If the fault still occurs with the ac wall supply- try a different Cat5 cable, then try the suspect motor on a different axis of the controller. If it continues to set the error with a known good cable- there is a problem with the motor and it will need to be returned for repair. If no motor will work on one particular controller port- the controller will need to be returned for analysis and repair.

Jeff Mullikin

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