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Cineslider Drag Control issue

Just received the second shooter with cineslider motor mount. I set up the motor mount by removing the black plastic drag control knob and the aluminum plate under it. I set up the second shooter without any issues.

My problem occurred when I disassembled the second shooter and tried to re attach the drag control knob to the cineslider. It wont seem to tighten properly and when it is tight it no longer controls drag, it controls the slider itself.

1. Is there supposed to be a flat plastic washer AND black plastic o-ring between the black knob and aluminum plate? If yes, what is the correct order? ( I checked out Kessler support article regarding motorizing the cineslider and it only mentions a black washer.) Does that mean I do not need the o-ring?

  1. Has anyone encountered this issue before?

Any help would be appreciated


Michael Jenkins

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Hi Michael,

If the threads to the plastic knob have become damaged due to cross threading it will need to be replaced in order for the drag control to function properly.

There should be a spring over the shaft that is installed first, then the aluminum drag disc. In the top of the drag disc there should be both an o-ring and a plastic washer. The o-ring is inserted first and then the washer.

If any of these pieces are missing or installed in the wrong order the drag control system will more than likely not operate correctly.

If you are missing any of these items please reach out to us at for assistance.

Tim Hiatt

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There also seems to be some cross threading going on with the drag control knob. It will not thread as it should and also seems tighter than it should be. Could that be causing the issue?

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