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Tracking Error?

I just purchased the second shooter 3-axis and started seeing what it could do with the three axis. Next day rolls around and I set up the 3-axis with all the cables connected and a Maglink battery pack fully charged and turn it on.
Standalone > Manual Move > Enter
Then I try to move the tilt axis and i get the error:

tracking error

so far from what i figured out, it just means that the cable isnt connected properly. The tilt axis does work and does move if its plugged into a different port so what I'm concluding is that its the port on the controller but the connection port is clean and the unit is new.


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I just bought the second shooter and is a cool piece of equipment. However, I have had tons of problems with it. Even a tiny bump of one of the cables causes the system to completely restart and the system has so many cables that it is hard to do a move without interference. I have already broken multiple cables in just over 3 weeks of use. Love it when it is executed correctly. To bad Kessler can't incorporate the ifootage technology of wireless into the three axis system. Love the technology, hate the execution.

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