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Second Shooter tilt problem

I like the Second Shooter system so far- very cool. But there is an issue with the tilt. I have a Canon 1D C, 24-70 lens and one FIZ motor connected to a K-Plate & Kwik Release plate. This camera setup can tilt all the way forward (lens pointing down) and then all the way back (lens pointing up) in one motion, non-stop with no problem. It's when the camera starts to come back up again that there's a point where there's a "jump" in the tilt axis. It's always at the same point- before the camera is just about level again.

Of course I tested the same move with the camera removed- and it works fine. I'm assuming your rig should be able to handle this weight? Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Mike Krummhoefener

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Hi Mike. It sounds like the camera rig may not be perfectly balanced on the tilt. You will want to make sure the camera is not front or back heavy on the tilt access. Once you have the camera balanced, you should not experience that.

If you continue to have a problem, please contact us at or 574.400.2251. Thanks!

Chris Beller

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