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Second Shooter Vertical Slipping

We are trying to do a vertical move with the Second Shooter but the belt/gear keeps slipping. Our set-up is under 10 lbs, and we have tried tightening the belt but it still slips every time the camera comes down. What is the fix for this?

Kara Kilkenny

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This was answered in a support ticket, but I wanted to post it here, should anyone else encounter the same problem.

For vertical moves you want to be sure that the pulley configuration is in the High Torque configuration of the small pulley on Second Shooter motor and the large pulley on the slider. You also want the slider configured so the motor is on the top and is pulling the load up.

If anyone ever has an issue, our support team can be reached directly by opening a ticket here:


Chris Beller

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A workaround....tie a string to your head, run the string over the top of your slider and let it hang down the backside, tie a 1-2lb weight to the hanging end of the string. This counterweight will help pull the slider head upward.

Matthew Abourezk 0 votes