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Second Shooter Footage is Jittery or Shaky

I'm trying to record a looping video that lasts 30 seconds at a 25% ramp speed on a 3 foot cineslider. I am using the pan and tilt functions with 2 keyframes. I have the motor hooked up with the normal pulley band and large wheel. The reason I purchased the second shooter was to eliminate any inconsistent pacing I had by moving the parallax slide with my own hands, however I don't get as smooth of a slide on the second shooter for some reason. I want to hope this is user error and their is a way to make this better, but I can't figure it out and there is hardly any resource or information out there that discusses this. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Also I should point out I'm in a controlled environment with no movement around the slider, and the same jitter happens regardless if i'm mounted to k-pod, slider legs, or just flat on the ground.

Paper Planes Sean

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If you are completely unable to get smooth shots without jitter, you are either doing something wrong or you have a defective unit. How are you mounting the unit to your slider carriage and how are you mounting the camera to the second shooter?

I have owned the Second Shooter for a couple of weeks and have worked with it for about 10 hours so far and am mostly happy with it. My main complaint with it is that when I power down the controller, the vertical axis goes into almost a free fall, and if I don't react quickly enough the camera almost crashes into the sider.

This needs to be fixed through firmware update if at all possible.

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Me too.... the slide seems fine for about 80% of the ride, but the camera jitters at the same locations near the motor side of the slider... 100% repeatable. The slider is in new condition, no dirt on the track or bearings, no dings. You can even see the camera vibrate in these sections. I came to this forum to see if anyone else has this issue.

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