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I have a shot that I'm trying to setup and I've done some screen tests with the Traveller Jib and I don't think it's a perfect match. It's a reveal shot where two people are cresting the top of a large sand dune. I want to perform either a parallel pan and slide as they pass the camera and/or track them as they crest the hill and go over their shoulders to see a valley revealed below. One of them turns around and we push on their face for a dramatic closeup. I'm thinking that a slider mounted (maybe diagonally) on a tripod would be the best for this. It allows me to track them as they climb the dune and pan as they pass the camera and still track them while rising over their heads. I can then tilt the slider on the tripod to come down and push on their face. It's a really tricky shot since we're in the dunes with the possibility of high winds and you can't just lay track out or run-n-gun. Anyone who tries to walk will walk unevenly through the sand. Any recommendations? I'm thinking that a pocket dolly would work if I can get enough travel out of it. I'd like to draw a diagram, but don't know how to submit it. We can't go with a full-size crane because we have to climb 600 ft just to get to the location.

Jim Burnes

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Hi Jim,
Our apologies for the delay getting you a response. In order to achieve the shot that you are describing we would recommend using either a KC-8 or a KC-12 with a Rev2 Pan/Tilt Head mounted to the end of it.

By putting the tripod at or just below the crest of the due you would be able to have the crane arm low to the ground pointed at your actors as they climb the dune, swing the arm behind them and rotate the Rev2 head to follow them as they pass the crane's tripod and then boom up to get the reveal shot.

This unfortunately would require hiking with some of our larger equipment, but that is not an impossible thing to do, thankfully our cranes brake down to smaller sections that make them easier to hike with and transport. For example, here is a blog post where some of our sponsored shooters used their crane throughout Nepal, sometimes in locations that they could only get to by hiking.

Hope this helps, good luck with the shoot!

Tim Hiatt

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