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Slider wobble with only one tripod

Any recommendations for a tripod that will provide no wobble when 8-10lbs of gear is at the end of 28.5 inch Stealth slider? I shoot with a Canon 5dM3 and have tried the Manfrotto 755CX3 tripod (recommended in Kessler's video). The leveling ball head still drops a bit when the camera gets to the end of the slider. I'd really like to have only one center mount. Perhaps I need a tripod with a 100m bowl, though this seems like overkill for a dslr shooter.


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Hi Curtis,

I personally find that there is still some more movement than I would like with the traveler length sliders when mounted onto a single tripod. Due to that I personally will still mount a traveler length slider to either our Hercules 2.0 Head or 100mm ball mount to a tripod with a 100mm bowl in order to have a solid set up that does not dip.

The issue that you are running into is due to the fact that the tripods are designed to support directly above them, not necessarily 1-2ft off center.

Alternatively, you can add a mono pod to the ends to add additional support and stay light weight.

Tim Hiatt

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