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Second shooter + Ramper Pro + day to night timelapse

Hi, am planning for a shoot next week. Its a day to night timelapse. Will be using Canon 5D mII + second shooter with ramper pro on cineslider. I think I probably watched and read all tutorials on Kesslers and Elysia's websites, but havnt found info regarding on what Id like to do:
I would like to set up second shooter and Ramper pro to start shooting right before sunset at, lets say, ISO 100, 1/200 aprox, F 8, interval every 10 seconds ( BUT 3 exposures bracket), then finish 4 or 5 hours later at ISO 3200, f4, 30 seconds exposure, interval every 35-40 seconds (BUT no bracket after twilight more less, when exposure is above 1 second or a bit above aprox). Is this possible to program or somehow achieve?
Many thanks!

Alex Ojeda

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This was addressed in a support ticket, but I wanted to post here, should anyone else come across this post with a question.

Any support questions about using RamperPro need to be directed to the team at Elysia Visuals, that make the RamperPro. They are the experts and the best source for any answers on using it.

Chris Beller

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