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Second Shooter - Pan Delay During Loop Move

I purchased the Second Shooter to use mainly during interviews. I like to do parallax moves to keep the subject in the same part of the frame. Recently I have noticed when doing a 2 keyframe Loop move, as the camera ramps up to full speed on the slide, the Pan motor does not start moving until 5 inches or so. I'm trying to keep my subject in the same part of the frame during the Loop move, however since the Pan isn't engaging during those 5 inches the subject moves in my frame. It is much more noticeable during CU shots as the subject's head moves a lot in frame, it can be as much as from a third line to center frame. Is there a way to get the Pan to engage immediately during those Loop moves?


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All three axes are actually starting at the same time. What you are most likely seeing is because of different gearing ratios. Depending on the pulley configuration used on the slider, the gear ratio changes, so when the slider starts with the pan, the slider physically moves quicker off the start, because of the gear ratio. 5 inches of travel of the slider does not seem right though, it should be just a very little jump at the start, if it happens.

If having a little movement at the direction change is not acceptable, then we have our Parallax unit for our sliders, that can be used with the 1-axis Second Shooter slider motor, as the auto panning is mechanical, based off the movement of the slider.

If it is more than just a small movement sometimes at direction change, please contact our support team to review with you, if you have not already.

Also, in the future, if you have any problems at all, please contact our support team directly. You can open a support ticket here: or send an e-mail to Thanks!

Chris Beller

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I have a similar issue. Same scenario with a tight shot on a talking head where the return to keyframe #1 is simply inaccurately framed - The pan head does not pan far enough to the left. I tried editing keyframe #1 and reversing the order in which I set the keyframes but after running the move, the pan head still does not return to the exact placement set for the #1 keyframe.

Jeff McLoughlin 1 vote

I have that problem as well. My movement is ok on one side of the slide, let's say left to right and will lose the framing and lag to pan when coming back. Very frustrating

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