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Looping moves with an Oracle?

This must be possible but my searches for answers are unsuccessful. I would simply like to repeat a live move (not a time-lapse) in a loop, to be played back continuously during an interview. I have a Shuttlepod, Two Oracles, a Rev II head and a variety of motors/brackets/cables and the like.


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Hi Eric,

Unfortunately, because elektraDRIVE is an analog motion control system without feedback to the controller about motor positions automatic looping is not possible.

There are a few things you can do to create movement in an interview setting, but it would not be continuous. You can record about a 30min real time recording of the cart moving back and forth on the Shuttle Pod to one of the memory banks on the Oracle, or two moves the first in one direction and the second in the opposite and have an operator play them back to back.

Tim Hiatt

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Whether it's good news or bad, thank you very much for your answer. I've been digging for answers like a dog for a bone. I've come across this question being asked a few times actually, but never found a clear answer. Maybe having your answer here will help others with the same question.

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