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The right slider

1) I am unable to make the choice between the Stealth, the Shuttle Pod Mini.
2) I am looking for ease of travel and ease of set-up and versatility of movements, using both manual and motorized solutions.
3) My equipments mostly a 5dm3 with a variety of lenses.
4) What would be the most effective motorized motion solution for the one you recommend.


Sushmit Sarkar

Official comment


Hello, if ease of set up is a high priority for you we would recommend the Stealth over the Shuttle Pod Mini since it does not require assembly before use. However, the Stealth is not able to achieve the longer travel lengths that the Shuttle Pod Mini can perform.

It is really a personal choice and one that I would recommend considering your workflow before deciding. If you do make an order and find that you have not selected the correct slider for you though we do have a 14 day trial period in which you can make sure you have made the correct choice for yourself.

Tim Hiatt

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