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Can Second Shooter slide and pan simultaneously manually using the controller arrow keys?

Can the Second Shooter slide and pan at the same time by manually pushing the side-to-side key(s) on the controller at the same time as the up-and-down key(s)?
I'm going to be using this for real-estate photography (a bit of run-and-gun) and was wondering if I can slide and pan manually and simultaneously without having to set key frames for every shot.
Also what's the best setting ("Loop", "Time Lapse" or "Stop Motion") for shooting video (I'm assuming Time Lapse, and just set the desired speed)? Thanks!

Khale Wallitner

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You cannot use slide and pan manually at the same time with the controller, as they both use the same arrow buttons. Slider is arrow left -right, and pan is SHIFT+Arrow Left-Right.

As Henry mentioned, for a one time pass, use the Run Once mode.

Any other questions, just contact us on chat or e-mail Thanks!

Chris Beller

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In response to your second question, I suggest using the "run once" mode for shooting video like you have mentioned.

Henry Young 0 votes