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CineDrive and CineSlider

Will I be able to use the CineDrive with slider not made by Kessler? If I buy a slider from Kessler, how can I mount the slider to two tripods on either side? Do I need two fluid heads for attaching the slider to each tripod?


Official comment


It may be possible to use Kessler motion control equipment on sliders that are not Kessler manufactured, however we do not support doing so.

As for supporting a Kessler slider, all of our sliders have both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded holes on each end that you can mount directly to a tripod, to a tripod's quick release plate, etc. Our 5ft CineSlider does require a support at each end, our 3ft (standard) length sliders can be center mounted onto our Hercules 2.0 Head or 100mm ball mount, if mounting onto a standard tripod you should have a support at each end. With our traveler and mini length sliders you should be ok to center mount to a standard tripod head as long as the head is rated to hold the total amount of weight that you put onto it with the slider and camera.

Tim Hiatt

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